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CA Reticulodromous series
CB Round piped series
CD Celadon imitating printing series
CP Bonsai pot series
CG Cornered pots series
CY Seedling plate series
CL Orchid nacelle series
CLB National orchid pots series
CLH Bigpedal orchid series
CK Nutrition self-supplying pots series
CX Tulip series
CQ Other typles of flowerpots series
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   Ningbo Chuangsheng Horticultural Products Co Ltd . Is an enterprise mainly engaged in "Everyoung" brand plastic flowerpots that concurrently engaged in other plastic products. Located at the south entrance of the Hangzhou Bay Sea Spanning Bridge, it is only 2 hours’ drive away from Shanghai, and only half an hour’s drive away from the 2nd port of China Ningbo Port, and the traffic condition is very convenient.

    There are large gathering of men of talents in our company. senior professional mould designers, CAD and CAM specialists, professional foreign trade personnel and experts of various fields. our warm and excellent services can content the demands from all kinds of domestic and overseas customers.

    Our products combined domestic trade and foreign trade together, presently, we possess workshops of a total acreage of 5000 square meters and the injection workshops, assembly workshops, mould workshops, over 10 CNC "Haitian" Injection Mounding Machines of different types, CNC lathes, electric discharge machines, wire cutting machine and other mould fine-procession equipments of full sets. we especially possess professional CAD, CAM design assistant CNC procession center, besides, our company have practical experiences for over 10 years in products design and moulds manufacturing, which enables us to quote upon the customers’ patterns and samples and develop new products.

    Our company is the national production of plastic flower pots are relatively large, relatively wide variety of enterprises. "Everyoung" Brand plastic flowerpots are made from exported plastic and have extremely good flexibility, and the exported paint insures products light tight, colorfast and highly durable.

    "Everyoung" Brand contains bottom-net series, top-grade red, Cyclamen series, round piped series, Bonsai pot series, celadon imitating printing series, orchid, big pedal orchid series, Phalaenopsis liner series, floral pattern, lawns, turn plates series, group planting baskets series, ikebana pots series, etc, altogether more than 20 series and over 400 varieties. our annual capacity is 40 million flowerpots. The products are not only popular in home, but also take a large proportion in foreign trade and have been exported to Europe, America, and many Southeast Asian countries, where there are also popular.

    Your belief is our greatest harvest!

    Chuangsheng Company will strive for common prosperity with you!